Up to 15 year Guarantee

Our Guarantee of up to 15 years and  is your Peace of Mind

10 Year Manufacturers GuaranteeA genuine guarantee based on a proven product history.  Providing our customers peace of mind since 1995.

Leafshield Gutter Protection offers up to 15 years product guarantee on our gutter guard meshes.  

10 Year Guarantee on  workmanship.

 15 year  guarantee on our Australian Made Premium Leafmesh  

As well as a :

1 year money back satisfaction guarantee  will:

  • Eliminate blocked gutters and drainpipes due to leaves in the gutter.
  • Improve water collection, quality and efficiency.
  • Increases your gutter’s life expectancy.
  • Stop overflowing gutters.
  • Reduce fire hazards.
  • Prevent internal flooding.
  • Birdproof you gutters and valleys
  • Prevent  Possums accessing your roof from the gutters and valleys


15 Year Guarantee on all Metal Gutter meshes and 10 Years on Materials and workmanship.


10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee on  Australian made Tapex Guttermesh