Leaf Mesh Gutter Guard Construction


What’s it made of?

Leaf Mesh by Tapex  is exclusively manufactured to our specifications for Australian conditions. The mesh is 100% virgin high quality extra heavy duty polyethylene (~900gsm). It is UV stabilised, and specially designed to maximise water collection and is completely safe.

LeafShield (or Leaf Mesh) has proven to be the most durable and effective method of protecting your gutters and drainpipes from blockages, as well as stopping unwanted intrusion from birds and vermin etc.

As mentioned above Leafshield’s gutter guard is made from a high density, Industrial Grade Polyethylene 2.2mm thick with construction holes approx 3.0mm by 5.0 mm across.
The mesh is UV stabilised to give you an estimated 15-20 years of maintenance free service under the harsh Australian sun.

australian-madeLeaf Shield, Gutter Leaf Protection is 100% Australian made and owned with the mesh manufactured by Tapex Pty. Ltd. a wholly Australian owned and operated company. All angles, clips etc used in fitting the mesh to the roof or gutters are made in Australia from BHP Colorbond steel.

It fits most roof types and gives gutters an elegant streamlined look.

Do I need to maintain Leafmesh?

No!!! That’s the best part – the Leafshield system is self cleaning in most situations.
It’s rugged polyethylene construction means that it will not rust or cause electrolysis (oxidisation) and is therefore maintenance free.

How Does Leafshield Look

Often it can’t be seen. It comes in a range of colours to blend into your roof.

See Leafmesh colours

Leaf Shield Gutter Guard Choices

Gutter Guard


Premium Leaf Mesh ~900 GSM

Fine Leaf Mesh

Diamond Aluminium

Guttermesh 660 GSM

Material UV treated Polyethylene Aluminium (also available in stainless steel*)
* Additional Charge
Aluminium UV treated Polyethylene
Hole Shape Diamond Small Squares Diamond Diamond
Water Quantity high moderate moderate moderate
Water Quality moderate high moderate moderate
Heavy Duty yes Stainless Steel only no no
Birds yes yes yes yes
Possums yes maybe no maybe
Fire Rating 6 1 0 6
Stops ember attack yes yes yes yes
UV Protected yes n/a n/a yes
Small leaves no yes no yes
Very small leaves no yes no no
Australian Made yes yes China yes
Number of Colours 13 Black* 9 12
Manufacturers Warranty 10 years 15 years 15 years 10 years
Fade Resistant yes n/a no yes
Warranty on installation 10 years 10 years 5 years 10 years
Leaf Mesh gutter protection is designed for maximum water collection and yet strong enough to stop medium to large or twigs and birds from entering your gutters and roof Fine Leaf Mesh guttermesh is perfect for fine leaves such as Jacarandas, fine pine needles and improved tank water quality     *can be coloured to match gutter at an additional charge Diamond Aluminium gutter mesh is a zero fire rated mesh. Made available to comply with some council fire requirements Guttermesh is a lighter weight Leaf mesh suitable for some small leaf situations.



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