Gutter Protection

Our Gutter Protection Fitting Method – How does it work?

The Leafshield Gutter Protection system has been working to keep gutters clean and unblocked  since 1995…. guaranteed

How does Leafshield install their Gutter Guard Systems?

gutter protection-tile-metalThe Leafshield gutter protection system  will fit on practically any type of roof and prevents leaves and other natural debris from blocking your gutters, down pipes and underground drains.

Unlike other gutter guard systems, all our guttermesh products are installed so that a “ski slope” is created to allow  leaves, gum nuts and other debris blow or roll off.  Any fine dust that gets through can be blown out or will wash through in the next rain.

Regardless of the type of roof our qualified Leafshield gutter guard fitters can customise the fitting to suit any situation.

As we cut our guttermesh to size in our factory in Brisbane we are able to supply gutter guard kits to suit any gutter and our qualified Leafshield gutter guard installers can customise the fitting to suit even unusual roof types.  The diagrams below show examples of how we install more complicated leafguard installations including Box gutters, pan fixing and Rib Fixing.

Gutter Protection