Leafshield Gutter Guards: The Hills


Leafshield Gutter Guards: The Hills

If you are from  West Pennant Hills, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville, Box Hill or Rouse Hill, you will know all about clogged gutters . It takes time and effort to get gutters cleaned again. With Leafshield gutter guards installed, you won’t have to face these problems. Let us tell you what these gutter guards can do for you.

Gutters usually get blocked when leaves from native Flora, Bottle brushes and other leafy trees get inside gutters.   Once leaves, debris,  birds and vermin get stuck in the gutters, the collection and flow of water stops. Clogged gutters can lead to overflowing gutters causing ceiling damage.

Leafshield Gutter Guards in The Hills Are A Good Solution To These Problems

If you live in any of the mentioned suburbs, you may have to deal with similar problems. What can you do to prevent these problems from happening? Well you can try out Leafshield gutter guards as our gutter guards are very affordable. Leafshield gutter guards and meshes do a great job of protecting gutters from birds, possums, snakes,  pine needles and other hazards.

Leafshield gutter guards can be installed on any roof because we customise each installation.

To prevent fire related hazards, Leafshield recommends you buy fire rated gutter guard meshes, as they are best suited to save your gutters from fire.

Recommended Gutter Meshes for The Hills:

  • Fine leaf in stainless steel and aluminium – Fire Rated 1
  • Diamond aluminium – Fire Rated Zero
  • Gutter mesh
  • Premium leaf ,esh


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