Premium Leafmesh

Australia’s Best Quality Gutter Guard – Exclusive to Leafshield and Manufactured By Tapex P/L an Australian Company since 1880.

Leafshield’s premium grade gutter guard, known as Premium Leafmesh ® is a 900 GSM high quality inert (food grade) polyethylene mesh designed for protecting roof line guttering systems.

The product is exceptional for leaf protection and preventing rodents, birds and vermin from entering your household guttering and roof cavity, effectively leaf, bird and vermin proofing your home.

With our exclusive Premium Leafmesh®, you can say goodbye to cleaning your gutters ever again as the product is installed to create a protective barrier allowing leaves and debris to simply blow off the roof or wash off in the rain, leaving your roof looking beautiful all year round.

Premium Leafmesh® is manufactured to Australian Conditions.  Tapex P/L is a wholly Australian owned and operated company which has been manufacturing in Sydney since 1880. Tapex Pty Ltd are experts in plastic extrusion technology, using world class methods and practices. Premium Leafmesh® is exclusive to Leafshield Gutter Protection and this heavy duty polyethylene gutter guard provides a very reliable solution for a range of commercial and residential situations. Proudly made  from 100% virgin food-grade material using the highest quality grade of materials available in Australia today. Furthermore, all angles, clips etc used in fitting the mesh to the roof or gutters are made in Australia from BHP Colorbond steel.

It’s rugged polyethylene construction means that it will not rust or cause electrolysis (oxidisation) and is therefore maintenance free. Premium Leafmesh® fits most roof types and gives gutters an elegant streamlined look.

See Leafmesh colours

Available colors:

Beige Premium Leafmesh
Caulfield Green
Chameleon Brown
Fireguard Black
Heritage Red
Mountain Blue
Rivergum Green
Terracotta Rust
Washcoat Grey

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Colours Available