Gutter Guard Mesh by Leaf Shield®. Gutter protection for Australians

    Leafshield’s gutter guard is one of Australia’s leading brands of gutter guard protection products, It’s simple and effective way to prevent your gutter from gathering water. Using a custom fitting and a unique design, Leaf Shield’s gutter guard prevents leaves and debris from blocking your gutters. By performing such a simple function, it allows water to flow smoothly, reducing the risk of unexpected ceiling damage, rusted gutters and most of all gives you peace of mind. Call us for a free quote or complete the quotation form above.

    Fire protection gutter guards and gutter mesh Bush Fire Season is here! Secure your home
    Install our Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Compliant zero fire rated Diamond Aluminium gutter mesh to protect your home from burning  embers.

    AS3959–2009 states that gutter guards are optional for anyone building a new home in an area with a BAL of 12.5, 19, 29, 40 or FZ. However, if you install gutter or valley leaf guards on your home, the standard is clear: “if installed, gutter guards shall be non-combustible”.
    Read more on fire protection for your home.

    Gutter Guards Made for Australian conditions

    Leaf Shield has been installing since 1995. Our meshes have stood the test of time.

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    Gutter guard products You Can Trust

    Made of the highest grade materials, our products give you peace of mind for years after installation.

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    Free Measure and Quote

    Each home is different. Our trained consultants customise a gutter guard system for your home.

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    Colours to Match Your Home

    We have a wide range of colours to match your roof & gutters.

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    • Diamond Aluminium Gutter Guard
    • Stop Vermin!
    • Fineleaf Mesh
    Gutter guard special. Get 20% off
    • Stop Birds!
    • Stop leaves from blocking your gutters
    • Premium Leafmesh

    Why Premium Leafmesh® Works

    At Leaf Shield, we understand that when it comes to your home, you want nothing but the best. You need gutter guard solutions that work well and last many years. That’s what our combined experience allows us to deliver. We designed our range of gutter guard products out of the most durable materials to bring you some of the most robust and long-lasting products on the market. After installation, our products offer a safe and sustainable solution that also meets all building regulations.

    Here are some other key reasons why you will love our products:

    • Life expectancy of up to 20 years
    • Leafmesh® is manufactured by Tapex P/L an Australian company since 1880.
    • Eliminate blocked gutters and down pipes
    • Forget about birds and other vermin ever entering or nesting in your gutters
    • Up to 15 years manufacturer’s warranty on products and 10 years on installation

    Product Highlights

    Premium LeafMesh® 900 GSM

    – UV treated Polyethylene
    – 15 years extended warranty
    – Stops medium to large leaves, twigs and birds.

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    Fine Leaf Mesh

    – Aluminium or Stainless Steel
    – 15 years Manufacturer’s Warranty
    – Best for fine leaves and pine needle
    – Suitable for ember guard

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    Diamond Aluminium

    – Aluminium
    – 15 years Manufacturer’s Warranty
    – Zero fire-rated mesh to meet BAL & council requirements

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    Guttermesh 660 GSM

    – UV treated Polyethylene
    – 10 years Manufacturer’s Warranty
    – Lighter-weight, suitable for commercial grade applications

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